Get the facts right before you begin your transformation towards health and wellness

If you have called up this page and have begun your reading, then you are on the right page, as it were (or if you will, depending on which side of the Atlantic you are on). Those of you from other parts of the world are gifted with a brief explanation of this tongue in cheek introduction. You are, as they say, at this point in time, on the right page because you are feeling highly motivated to start losing your excess weight.

Get the facts

You are at that important stage in your life when you are just about ready to make that giant leap of faith. And what about that tongue in cheek? It is simply a case of lightening the mood, because there are many of you out there who remain hesitant, perhaps feeling quite nervous about what may lie ahead for you. This is new territory and you do not know what to expect. Yes, change always does that to a sensitive old girl.

But see things in a positive light. Regard change as that dream holiday that you have always wanted to take and never could. And that dream holiday saw you lying on a tropical beach somewhere with nothing but your bikini bottom on. Yes, that’s right, but most of you shudder at the thought. But do you need to be reminded of this; if you set your mind to it, and begin to set things right, dreams do come true.

Girls around the world, young and old, of all shapes and sizes, but mostly pear shaped and, oh, worse, dream of having a bikini body figure. But they soon put that dream to bed in forcing themselves to believe that something like this is just not possible. Get the facts right before you jump to conclusions and lose all hope. See this also as a reality check for yourself, because the longer you procrastinate (put things off, in other words), the worse you may make things for yourself.

Because this is no longer just about those unsightly flabby curves around your tummy and bum, this is about your whole life. Accept the fact that it is your lifestyle and all your nasty, lazy habits that have kept you this way, sometimes even adding on more rolls. Start going through the facts like a model high school student, many of you were, back in the day, and you will soon learn how to make that transformation towards not just losing excess weight, and keeping it off, but becoming healthy and well.

Being healthy means you will need to start exercising and eating all the right, healthy food, you do know this much. But what does it mean to be well. Well now, that can be answered quickly enough. Part of the essence of wellness is being wholesomely happy and comfortable with who you are as a woman.