Learn How to Pass a Drug Test With Certo

Has anyone ever told you to use Sure-Jell to pass a drug test? Most people have heard this a couple of time. This home remedy for passing a drug test has been used for many generations now and while it isn’t the ideal method of doing things, it has proven successful for many people. If you want to learn how to pass a drug test with certo, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Certo?

Some people call it certo, but others call it by the most popular brand name -Sure-Jell. Regardless of your preferred name, this method of beating a drug test works for those who’ve smoked marijuana in the past 30 days. It is a fruit pectin that you purchase at the store and take at home using just a couple of ingredients. It is inexpensive to use the Certo test to help pass a drug test and when used correctly, effective for many people.

Is Using Certo Easy?

It is easy to use Sure-Jell or Certo to pass your drug test. How do you use this remedy you wonder? Follow these easy steps.

1.    Purchase one package Sure-Jell or your favorite brand fruit pectin

2.    Mix with fruit pectin with Gatorade 32 ounce

3.    Shake well

4.    Consume drink three to four hours prior to drug test time.

how to pass a drug test with certo

Some people choose to perform the action twice, using two packages of fruit pectin and two bottles of Gatorade. If this is something that provides you with reassurance, go ahead. It is better to be safe than to be sorry, especially when it is time for something as important as a drug test.

Should You Use Certo?

The Certo method for passing a drug test has a 50/50 chance of helping you pass a drug test when it is used correctly. It is worth the shot, especially if you are not doing anything else to assist in elimination of the drugs in your system. Although it isn’t a fool proof method and may or may not work for you, the success of Certo through the years, and the popularity, prove that it helps more often than not.

Are There Other Ways to Beat a Drug Test?

There are many types of drug tests and many ways to beat them. Although avoiding marijuana use is the best way to keep from failing a test, when this isn’t an option, you do have choices in passing your drug test. Some people use detox drinks and these do work if you choose the right product. Some people use detox pills which also work under the same scenarios.

The Sure-Jell method is one that people like because it works. It has been used by many people for years and years. Although it isn’t a guarantee that you will pass a drug test when using the Certo method, the chances are good that you will. It is a method that is in your favor.